Signs It Is Time To Repair Your Staircase

A stay staircase attracts a lot of traffic especially when there are kids around. Mostly material and fittings designed to make staircase are usually strong and durable and expected to last long. Therefore, it will require maintenance from time to time. Over time you will notice that there will be some tear and wear which is expected as nothing is set to stay a lifetime. However, if small problems like cracks on the wooden floor and loose staircase rail are not fixed, it can be extremely dangerous and life threatening.

When to repair staircase

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In most wooden stairs after some time, you will start hearing some squeaky sounds. Such noises can be extremely annoying especially at night when heading up or down the stairs. Don’t let such noises disturb your loved ones when they are having a peaceful sleep. Such problems can be fixed. The squeaky sound is usually as a result of a gap in between the tread and the stair riser. If you can access the underside of the staircase, you can use a carpenter glue to fix the problem by filling those small gaps making the noise.

Cracked treads and risers

When you notice that your treads and risers are cracked, you should take that as a safety concern and address the issue as soon as possible. The main reason why most tread crack, is as a result of a change in humidity or lack of support. As soon as you notice these, change or repair the steps depending on the extent of the damage. Usually, such problems are better handled by professionals who are better specialized for such tasks.

Detached handrail

A handrail should be firmly mounted on the wall since it is there to keep you safe in the event you miss your step and fall. If a handrail is not attached well to the wall, it can pose a great danger to you and others around. The good thing about most handrails is that they have provisions for screws. You can either fix them by replacing screws or tightening them firmly to the wall or post.

Water damage

Water may save you a lot in many ways, but in the other instances, it can cause you damages. Water can cause damage to your stairs and go unnoticed. Mostly such damages occur when we least visit like the basement and fail to notice them. When water gets in contact with the stairs over a long period, you will start noticing warping of the wood. The best solution is to replace the affected area and ensure that the staircase is always dry.